Grand Order of Anime (Archinon)

Session 1

The start of the memes

The group introduced both themselves and their characters to each other. They then, in game, took a job from the local adventuring guild which required them to investigate the source of the increasing Goblin attack the towns logging camps. Our memers proceeded to travel to the logging camps on the outskirts of the Selguin woods to find one of the camps destroyed and void of people. After further investigation by the Cleric, Leonardo the party discovered footsteps that lead to a cave full of Goblins. The party fought the Goblins for a long time and finally managed to bring down their boss, a Hobgoblin which proved to a raid boss for the party. After clearing out the cave the party decided to take a short rest and then return to the town of Wiggleton, to claim their reward for the job.


PredestinedOne PredestinedOne

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