Grand Order of Anime (Archinon)

Session 2

Justice > Door

After a not so dangerous encounter our party travels back to the town of Wiggleton to report a job well down. Once back, after having reported the job and received the spoils of war our party has discovered that a murder has taken place in the town of Wiggleton. The murder seems to be head up by a mysterious Halfling whom goes by the name of P.I. Merrywheather. Upon joining in the investigation, the party found many things. The crime scene is void of blood, but has a lot of damage and they found a totem seemingly dedicated to the god Lolth. Meanwhile the party's resident hat connoisseur re-visited Jaffar's store, "Hats upon Hats" and quite literally ran into a Halfling whom later addressed himself as Mr. Merrywheather. After those memes occurred the party preceded to talk to the mayor and received a job from him in the form of traveling to Bannenberg and escorting his friend, an old man by the name of Voss to Predestia. 


PredestinedOne PredestinedOne

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