Grand Order of Anime (Archinon)

Session 3
Gork wants to start a riot.

Our heroes (?) travel towards Bannenberg ready to take up the job given to them by the mayor of Wiggleton. However, along the way there was a storm which blew a rabbit into them. Gork, who was furiously cutting at the air in hopes of defeating the wind and protecting his party noticed this unknown entity flying at him and instinctively let out a burst of radiant energy from his hat harming the rabbit. The rabbit appeared to have an owner in the form of a Kenku wielding a strange device which makes very loud noises. The party and the mysterious Kenku fought until the level headed Cleric, Leonardo quelled the situation. The part now with a Kenku made their way to Bannenberg and were greeted by an eccentric gnome named Frederick and his daughter Mitsy. As the party was discussing what to do in Bannenberg, an explosion was heard and seen right behind them emanating from the home of said eccentric gnome. Rushing to help whomever was inside, Ven entered the home and went up the stairs to find the gnome pouring various liquids on a core, she naturally jumped over the gnome and threw the orb through the window. Not having that, the Gnome quickly followed the orb almost in slow motion. After a few seconds, an explosion was heard and revealed a Gnome holding the orb as if it was a trophy muttering nonsense. After that, Ven and the new party member, the Kenku had a quick duel which could have been disastrous for the Kenku, but thankfully Ven decided to call it off. After the incident at the house, the party asked about lodgings and would go there after they visited a general store. Where Strelock encounter and caught a thief who revealed himself to be a member of "The Dagger Gang". They questioned him and tortured him. Meanwhile Gork, had his toughest encounter to date with a door so strong that not even Captain Justice could open. Upon attempting to try the impossible Gork pulled a muscle and started running through the town, absolutely terrified of the door. We left off with the party splitting, Gork running through the city with the city guard chasing after him with the new Kenku companion giving chase. And for the rest of the party, they are taking the now unconscious Halfling thief back to the doctors office to call in a favor.

Session 2
Justice > Door

After a not so dangerous encounter our party travels back to the town of Wiggleton to report a job well down. Once back, after having reported the job and received the spoils of war our party has discovered that a murder has taken place in the town of Wiggleton. The murder seems to be head up by a mysterious Halfling whom goes by the name of P.I. Merrywheather. Upon joining in the investigation, the party found many things. The crime scene is void of blood, but has a lot of damage and they found a totem seemingly dedicated to the god Lolth. Meanwhile the party's resident hat connoisseur re-visited Jaffar's store, "Hats upon Hats" and quite literally ran into a Halfling whom later addressed himself as Mr. Merrywheather. After those memes occurred the party preceded to talk to the mayor and received a job from him in the form of traveling to Bannenberg and escorting his friend, an old man by the name of Voss to Predestia. 

Session 1
The start of the memes

The group introduced both themselves and their characters to each other. They then, in game, took a job from the local adventuring guild which required them to investigate the source of the increasing Goblin attack the towns logging camps. Our memers proceeded to travel to the logging camps on the outskirts of the Selguin woods to find one of the camps destroyed and void of people. After further investigation by the Cleric, Leonardo the party discovered footsteps that lead to a cave full of Goblins. The party fought the Goblins for a long time and finally managed to bring down their boss, a Hobgoblin which proved to a raid boss for the party. After clearing out the cave the party decided to take a short rest and then return to the town of Wiggleton, to claim their reward for the job.


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